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Aracely Gonzalez


Hometown: Sedalia

Type of cancer: Pineoblastoma brain tumor

Diagnosed: June 2015

Hospital(s): MU Women's and Children's Hospital

Siblings: Claudia, Marcella

Pets: Lulu,Millie, Francie

Who is/was your hero?: Supergirl

Our daughter Aracely (Cely) was diagnosed with a brain tumor on 06/01/2015 after having headaches with vomiting and blurry vision. She has endured 3 very long brain surgeries to remove as much as the tumor as they could.She has done completed 4 rounds of chemo and we are waiting her labs to recover to began round 5. She became too weak to move on her own but is always giving it her all.She lost all ability to move her left side after surgery but recently she began to move them on her own. (Very exciting) I am amazed at her strength. She still has a lot of work ahead of her but I know she will never give up. She is our superhero.

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