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Ashlynn Bowen

Hometown: Bakersfield

Type of cancer: ALL

Diagnosed: October 2010

Hospital(s): Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Who is/was your hero?: Superman

Ashlynn wasn't feeling well last week of September, already missing a week of school and showing no signs of getting better I took her to her Dr. The appointment was quick and we were given a prescription for amoxicillian and an albuterol inhaler. The following week as I was getting them ready for bed my daughter asked my to feel her "bump" on the back of her neck. I felt 3-4 marble sized bumps along the back of her neck, they didn't hurt nor inch her. I took her back to her doctor in the morning and wanted to be seen. By this time her coloring was grey and she had no energy whatsoever. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray and blood work. The blood work was done the following morning and that afternoon the doctor's office called asking me to bring Ashlynn in so they could go over the results. We were told that all her blood levels were low and they wanted us to go to the hospital for further testing. So we drove 1 1/2 hours to the best Children's Hospital where we finally got a diagnosis and ended up staying for 2 weeks, starting chemotherapy. She has been amazing, certainly is my lil trooper. She currently is in maintenance and is still undergoing chemo, but doing great!

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