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Caden Garcia


Hometown: Lubbock Texas

Type of cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Diagnosed: August 2010

Hospital(s): UMC Children's -Lubbock

Siblings: Angel Baby Luke

Pets: Rocky and Sadie, his dogs, Abby and Colby his Cats and ratatoullie the gerbil

Who is/was your hero?: Chase Ryan Schlenker- the bravest kid we know

Caden was diagnosed with Leukemia after he had abnormal blood work at his two year check up. He was a perfectly healthy two year old prior, he had never even had a ER visit. He has since spent over 30 days in the hospital, once fighting of a nasty type of pneumonia that can cause serious issues for kids with ALL. He has had more blood transfusions that we care to count, more pokes than he should endure, and he does it all with a smile and hugs for anyone who will take one. Caden will be in treatment for a few more YEARS. In the mean time, he is kicking leukemia's butt!

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