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Hope Necklace

Price: $99.00

These beautiful sterling silver necklace pendants are designed and made by a well-respected artisan jeweler.  

The size of the pendant 24mm in diameter approximately the diameter of a quarter and they are about 2mm thick.

Each necklace comes with a chain that is 18 inches long and made of sterling silver. 

The photos show a pendant with two stones. This selection has no birthstones.

You can easily remove the chain and inter-change it with one of any length you desire for different looks.

If you prefer to pick up your pendant at Harvest Moon Natural Foods at 2113 E 151st St, Olathe, KS 66062 we will refund your shipping and handling costs. We will notify you when your necklace is ready.

 NOTE: The images shown feature a necklace that contains two birthstones. It is merely an example of what the pendants look like. This selection does not include birthstones. The pendant would be all silver.

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