Kiewit Power Of Hope Golf Tournament

On August 13, Kiewit Power in Kansas City held their annual golf tournament benefitting childhood cancer research through Braden's Hope!

$350,000 was raised for our heroes with cancer!

Thank you to Kiewit Power of Kansas City for reaching out to help all children with cancer by funding targeted research for our children with cancer. Kiewit realizes that our children need hope for a future!

Their dollars will be used to fund local childhood cancer research in Kansas City. Specifically, they are funding a grant for drug development of two therpeutic drugs for children with sarcomas.

This is a lot of HOPE and funding this drug development for sarcomas is extremely promising research for our children with cancer. Because of Kiewit, many children may have a new precision medicine therapy that targets their sarcomas in a unique and successful way to allow them to live longer, healthier lives!

Thank you Kiewit! 

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