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TAKE THAT cANCER...A Mother and Son's Journey to HOPE

Price: $11.99

When their son was only three years old, Deliece and Brian Hofen received unfathomable news...Braden had a rare stage four cancer, and by all estimates, he would not be alive in five years.

Jus as they were told Braden faced "no known cure" for his cancer, Deliece was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. cANCER kills, but the Hofens decided to give cANCER the fight of its life!

Their story is a sometimes energetic, sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes even funny - but always inspiring - account of what happens when a family decides they will look impossible odds straight in the eye, and never, never give in to them.

Even if you aren't facing cANCER, you'll find faith to keep fighting other enemies you thought you couldn't defeat. In Braden's story, you'll discover a roadmap to hope.

110 pages


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