Tianna Lucas

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Type of cancer: AML
Diagnosed: October 2010
Hospital(s): Children’s Mercy Hospital
Siblings: Andrew Garcia 14, Alex Garcia 14, Selena Garcia 12, and Destinee Lucas 3

Tianna was dignosed with AML on October 18, 2010. We had to face immediate aggressive chemo. Our journey began with 5 months of inpatient stay. Thoughtout our chemo treatments she would undergo blood tranfussions and platelets. Due to some of the chemo she has suffered heart damage. We hope this is not prolonged heart damage. She did suffer some eye damage. Eventually she will have to wear glasses due to this the doctor said. Tianna did get two infections during her chemo rounds that literally made her horribly sick. Within one month of aggressive chemo doctor’s confirmed Tianna was in remission. Music to any mother’s ears. Tianna was offered to be in the Children’s Mercy commercial. It was filmed the day before we ended our inpatient part of our journey. She was excited to get the chance to be on T.V. Since we have left the hospital we have got to join our family at home. Tianna has started kindergarten. Which was a milestone we was not sure she would get to experience. We continue to do clinic’s once a month. Tianna has truly amazed me throughtout everything she continues to smile. This journey has taught us to appreciate what we do have and to not take life for granted. We feel blessed each day we get together. I pray daily that we continue to walk this path and keep moving forward. CANCER TAKE THAT..!!..

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